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South American

South American

South American cuisine blends indigenous, African, Spanish, and Portuguese roots. It is the fourth-largest continent in the world. All the different immigrants brought their customs and foods, which fused with the native cultures.

Some of the well-known dishes around the area are arepas, choripan, ceviche, empanadas, feijoada, bandeja paisa, aji de gallina, salteñas and many more.

One of the main staples in South American food is potatoes: there are hundreds of varieties of potatoes, and that opens the door for the creation of an infinite array of potato recipes; their main cooking ingredients are potatoes, cassava, plantain, and quinoa but they are also famous for the delicious Asados.

The Asado or barbeque originated in Argentina. Today, people throughout South America enjoy it. They gather friends and family around the grill to cook various meats and foods while enjoying each other's company.

Knowing the importance of the asado, we wanted to keep the tradition for South Americans and open an opportunity for others to taste the authentic flavors of this region, and that’s why we created a South American line of products.

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