Cabal is Halal Certified; Halal food is the foundation of Islamic dietary laws and has vital cultural and religious significance.

The term “Halal” refers to anything permissible according to Islamic law, including what is lawful and what is wholesome and good.

Halal is not just about dietary restrictions. It’s also about the treatment of animals, specifically with how they are slaughtered; halal food must be prepared with minimal suffering to the animal and the pronouncement of God’s name during the slaughter, as the animals are being sacrificed to him. An animal must be alive, healthy, and conscious at the time of slaughter for its meat to be considered Halal. 

By having a Halal food certification, we validate that our products are safe and sanitary for human consumption and are guaranteed to pose no health risks to consumers.

Cabal has high standards and delicious Halal beef sausage encased in collagen casings and ready-to-cook seasoned Halal Chicken and beef meat for tacos.

As Cabal, we are happy to provide a rich and flavorful array of culinary experiences that unite people across borders and beliefs.

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