Central American

Central American food is a rich fusion of indigenous, African, and Spanish influences. Corn is the main staple, and it is used in many dishes, as well as beans, cassava, and local vegetables.

Central American food is rich in flavor and full of traditions. Some well-known dishes are Gallo Pinto, Pupusas, Baleadas, Nacatamal, Atol de Elote, Fried fish, tamales, Choforijo, and many more.

Meats make a big staple in the Central American table, and a cut of beef with gallo pinto, chorizo, ribs, rice and beans, cheese, and corn tortilla make the traditional Carne asada plate.

Cabal is all about traditions and wants to bring families to the table. Our Central American Chorizos captures the essence of this cuisine and bases all the ingredients in the traditional recipes.

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