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Central American Cuisine

Central American Cuisine

  • Central American food is a rich fusion of indigenous, African, and Spanish influences. Corn is the main staple, and it is used in many dishes, as well as beans, cassava, and local vegetables.

  • Central American food is rich in flavor and full of traditions. Some well-known dishes are Gallo Pinto, Pupusas, Baleadas, Nacatamal, Atol de Elote, Fried fish, Tamales, Chifrijo, and many more.

  • Meats make a big staple in the Central American table, and a cut of beef with Gallo pinto, chorizo, ribs, rice and beans, cheese, and corn tortilla make the traditional Carne asada plate.

  • Cabal is all about traditions and brings families to the table. Our Central American Chorizos capture the essence of this cuisine with all their ingredients and traditional recipes.


  1. Chicken Cabalito Tuza
  2. Beef
  3. Salvadorean
  4. Salvadorean Butifarra
  5. Guanaco
  6. Breakfast link
  7. Chicharron
  8. Curtido
  9. Honduran
  10. Guatemalan

Product details:

  • Chicken Cabalito: is the perfect medley of flavors: Garlic, cumin, and mustard making this pork alternative a unique crowd-pleaser.

  • Beef: Our beef chorizo is another alternative to our pork recipes. Using lean cuts of beef with a rich blend of spices, this one-of-a-kind chorizo will add to the flavor profile of any dish.

  • Salvadoreño: The most popular of our Central American line, the Salvadoreño, is a mild chorizo with subtle spices based on a two-hundred-year-old recipe still used in Cojutepeque, El Salvador.

  • Salvadoreño Butiffara: Our presentation of Butifarra Salvadoreno, pays homage to the most well-known Central American chorizo. Tied with dried corn husks, our Butiffara Salavdoreño can be grilled or fried and served with rice, beans, and fresh tortillas.

  • Guanaco: 100% sabor Cuscatleco! This Salvadorean chorizo is a local favorite, and it is tied with dry corn husks, giving it an authentic country charm. El Guanaco bursts with flavor.

  • Breakfast Link: These savory breakfast links are the perfect complement to serve alongside your favorite style of eggs, pancakes, or waffles and are the star in a breakfast casserole or omelet. Find them in our original Mexicano or Salvadoreno recipe.

  • Chicharron: Pupusa time Making the filing for pupusas can be tedious and time-consuming. Chorizo Cabal’s recipe uses seasoned fresh pork morsels cooked and mixed with fresh vegetables, creating a fresh and healthy filling to this classic Salvadoran dish. Try our pupusa filling with our fresh masa and curtido.

  • Curtido: Our Curtido is the essential pairing for Pupusas and is also a terrific partner for Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas, or anything that needs a pop of tangy crunch. Our Curtido is made with shredded cabbage, onion, carrot, and vinegar.

  • Hondureño: This is the mildest and versatile of all our Central American chorizos. This tasty chorizo includes fresh bell peppers and garlic. It is excellent on the grill or added to a prepared dish.

  • Guatemalteco: This Central American chorizo blends pork meat, traditional spices, and mint. Our Guatemalteco is the most flavorful of our Central American Classics.


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